HeadKandy Studio

HK opened its doors in the Spring of 2009 with Just Gill and Helen behind the chairs.  
The girls decided they wanted to work for themselves so being young and carefree, when the opportunity came along, they went for it.  Without any business experience or a plan, they began fixing up an empty, run-down premises in the small seaside town of Folkestone in south east Kent. Doing as much work as they could themselves, HK opened its doors with the bottom floor unusable and still in major need of renovation but it was time to get some money in the pot and continue with the building work at a later date. 

Due to Helens family circumstances changing in the first year of opening, she decided trying to balance family commitments and the demands of running a business all too much so something had to give, Gill took on the challenge and went on alone but remains friends with Helen and her growing family.

Skip forward a few years and having renovated the rest of the salon, Gill managed to convince some of her friends from the industry to join her and it wasn’t long before HK had a strong and loyal staff base. 

 Many of the team have worked together for over 15 years which gives HK a unique family feel.  Seeing each other grow in our personal lives as well as professional has created a bond that will last way beyond our working years. 

HK has worked with many of the industry's top brands and educators in order to stay current and motivated. We are a salon with a wealth of experience with the senior members all working hard to remain at the top of their profession, they have all played a role in the development of our young professionals by passing on their knowledge and experience. 

Always wishing to grow and do better, it has become obvious in more recent years that HK needed to focus its attentions on the uglier side of the business.  Check out what we are now doing to become a more responsible and ethical salon in sustainability at HK.